Introducing Decentraland’s Advisory Board: Experts in Blockchain, Social Platforms & P2P Networks

Meet Xiaolai Li, Jake Brukham, Luis Cuende, and Diego Doval

As we approach our token sale, we wanted to give the community more background on our Advisory Board. These are the people who have dedicated their time and expertise into helping us build the first decentralized VR platform.

Decentraland is poised to disrupt numerous markets. Some, like social networking, are already massive. Others, like VR, are just getting started. We’re very pleased to have four veterans from a wide range of industries supporting Decentraland’s development.

Xiaolai Li — Founder at INBlockchain

Xiaolai Li

Founder at INBlockchain

One of the largest holders of BTC, Li Xiaolai is the founder of INBlockchain, China’s premiere blockchain venture firm. Xiaolai is also the cofounder of Yunbi, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and Press.One, a decentralized publishing platform. Prior to INBlockchain Inc, Xiaolai was also an early investor in EOS, Sia, and ZCash.

Xiaolai provides the Decentraland team with the expertised required to enter the crypto markets in Asia.

Jake Brukhman — Co-founder at CoinFund

Jake Brukham

Co-founder at CoinFund

Before co-founding Coinfund — a blockchain research company and private investment vehicle — Jake was a Partner and CTO at Triton Research, an intelligence platform for research on private companies.

Jake provides the Decentraland team with expertise in token sales, token mechanics, economics, investor relationships, and more.

Luis Cuende — Project Lead at Aragon

Luis Cuende

Project Lead at Aragon

Despite his young age, Aragon’s Luis Cuende is one of the most respected leaders in the blockchain industry. Luis was named the best underage European programmer in 2011, is a Forbes 30 Under 30, an MIT TR35, and was an Advisor to the VP of the European Commission. Luis was the co-founder of Tim Draper-backed blockchain startup Stampery. His project Aragon recently raised $25 million in ETH in a mission to disintermediate business by providing a platform for decentralized organizations.

Luis provides the Decentraland team with expertise in smart contracts, decentralized governance, network effects, and product vision.

Diego Duval — Former CTO at Ning

Diego Doval

Former CTO at Ning

Diego Doval is the creator of n3xt, an upcoming productivity platform. Prior to n3xt, Doval was CTO of Ning, Inc, the company founded by Marc Andreessen, helping it grow from launch to 100 million users. He recently co-authored the Andreessen-Horowitz AI Playbook.

A computer science PhD specialized in self-organizing networks, Diego provides the Decentraland team with expertise in consumer-facing social platforms, large-scale software systems, self-organizing networks, peer to peer technologies, and dynamic systems.

Next Steps

We’re currently busy getting ready for our upcoming token sale. We hope you’ll join us.

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