Partnering with OTOY's Render Token to provide real-time 3D graphics through the browser

A partnership that will allow OTOY's Render Token to power the ever-evolving landscape of Decentraland

Today, we are excited to publicly announce the beginning of a partnership between OTOY’s Render Token (RNDR) and Decentraland. Decentraland’s virtual ecosystem is a perfect match for the distributed network of GPUs provided by RNDR, and will further our mission of decentralizing the infrastructure that powers our virtual world.

OTOY, the company behind RNDR, is a cloud rendering company that delivers real-time, cinematic-quality 3D graphics through the browser. With existing partnerships with Facebook, Autodesk, and Unity, and customers like HBO and Disney, OTOY is a leader in its segment.

As the RNDR network scales, it will be able to work in directly with Decentraland’s user interface and integrate to provide users of the platform with easy and efficient access to the GPU network that can power assets and photorealistic viewports on the Decentraland network. This will create significant synergies between the two platforms, allowing each company to expand on their product offering for their user base.

We are excited to be releasing more updates as this project develops and takes shape! In the meantime, here are some quotes from the teams at RNDR and Decentraland:

“Being able to augment Decentraland’s asset creation pipeline and web based rendering workflow through the RNDR ecosystem opens up a world of opportunities for expanding both networks. RNDR enables dozens of 3D content creation tools — including Unity, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender, to generate and publish photorealistic 3D worlds, assets, and scenes entirely on through blockchain, so that they can be viewed in any browser-based platform, leveraging WebGL and WebXR. We are very excited to move forward with both teams and immediately get to work on making this synergy a reality for all Decentraland users .” — Jules Urbach, CEO and co-founder at OTOY.
“We are excited to combine our web-based render engine with OTOY’s cloud-based renderer to bring the highest quality of rendering, streamed directly to our users’ web browsers” — Ben Nolan, VR Lead at Decentraland.

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