Reaching a wider audience

Doing our best to let as many people participate as possible.

The past two months have been pretty hectic for the Decentraland community. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with amazing people along the way, and a very strong community has come together to give birth to the open metaverse. We’re left speechless by the public reception of our project, and we couldn’t feel more grateful.

Last week we decided to give our community the ability to guarantee their spot in our token sale by creating a Community Whitelist. Once again, the support reflected in this initiative blew us away. Over a thousand community members signed up.

An aggressive phishing attack started making the rounds throughout our community, which led us to cancel the whitelist as a preventive security measure. It was a tough decision, but our community’s safety remains our top priority.

What became clear is that the community’s intention to contribute is stronger than expected. A significant amount of people from our community reached out to communicate their worry about not being able to make it on time for the sale.

We are humbled by the global demand for MANA and, in the spirit of launching our virtual world with the widest audience possible, we intend to let as many people participate as possible. This is why we have decided to increase the hard cap by $5M. While not a guaranteed solution, this significantly increases the community’s chances of securing some tokens.

Those who signed up to the Community Whitelist will be guaranteed the 40% discount corresponding to the first block of the sale, regardless of when they contribute.

We hope to see you when the token sale starts on August 17th at 8pm EST.

Once again, we appreciate the community’s overwhelming support as we continue building Decentraland.