Reopening Our Terraform Registration to Include all Community Members

Solving congestion issues, technical difficulties, dealing with Ethereum’s user experience, and allowing all members to participate.

Following the launch of our Terraform Event on December 15th, we were pleased to see thousands of community members participate in what’s becoming the largest virtual land sale in history. We’ve also seen major blockchain projects get involved, including Aelf, FBG Capital, and RCN.

The auction will end on December 22nd, excluding extensions made on parcels with last minute bids. If you need help participating, follow our comprehensive guide.

While we’re excited to see the outpouring of demand from contributors both large and small, we had dozens of community members that were locked-out of the event due to an array of technical issues, most notably the congestion on the Ethereum network, which prevented them from loading MANA to their auction balance. Others were only able to load a fraction of their intended amount. Overwhelming demand for the Terraform Event only exacerbated the congestion issue.

Because you could no longer load additional MANA into your auction balance, these community members had no way to participate.

While every project has been impacted by congestion issues on the Ethereum network, we’re committed to resolving these hurdles in a way that will serve the entire community. There is no perfect solution, but we believe that Decentraland is made strongest when everyone in our community can participate.

To rectify the issue, we’ll be reopening the MANA registration process. The long-term value of the platform will be maximized if more users have the ability to build and innovate within Decentraland.

To ensure fairness, we will allow every user to reload their auction balances with MANA, rather than grant that permission to an exclusive group of users.

Note: We’ll be leaving registration open for the remainder of the auction. You will be able to reload your balances at any time until the auction, including those parcels that receive a time extension due to last-moment bids, is complete.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Make sure your Metamask or Mist account is connected and unlocked with your MANA and ETH balance in it.
  2. Open this webpage:
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Please allow for at least 5 to 10 minutes for your newly locked MANA to show up as balance in the auction.
  4. Now you can participate with your new balance at

To Keep in Mind

There have been a couple of recurring questions over the past few weeks which we'd like to address:

  1. Burning of MANA tokens: every time MANA is effectively redeemed for land parcels, those tokens go out of circulation. For the Terraform event, the sum of the highest bids for all parcels, as well as the total number of tokens contributed to community districts, will make up the total number of burnt tokens.
  2. Future land sales: there will be subsequent opportunities to both create and purchase land. It is our intention to use Aragon's upcoming voting app to decentralize decisions on policy specifications such as the land expansion rate.

Need help?

If you have any questions, our team is always available to chat. Feel free to send us a message via any of the channels below: