The Decentraland Weekly — October 24th

News and updates from the Decentraland project

The past week has been a busy one as we look to expand our team. Our hiring efforts are starting to pay off and we are extremely excited to share that we have hired two new developers, with more to come soon. Here is a quick summary of what else is new from this past week.

Edit Your Scene in Real-Time

Built off of the A-Frame Inspector, we’ve put together a scene editor (check out the source code) to let users collaborate on the building of their parcels. It uses WebRTC for voice and text chat, as well as to apply changes to the scene in real time. Also, you can upload your scene to IPFS to store your work on the permanent web and continue working on it later.

The very first version of the Decentraland Editor.

WebVR/AR Monthly

On October 25th, 6:00 pm PST, our Tech Lead Esteban Ordano will be introducing the Decentraland Editor at the San Francisco WebVR/AR monthly Meetup. You can join the live stream or, if you’re in the area, come down in person!

Terraform Registration

If you haven’t yet, you can stake your MANA tokens to the Genesis City auction at Those who do so by the end of October receive a 15% bonus. Alternatively, join a community district by contributing land to a group of your liking. Over 38 million tokens have already been staked! For a walkthrough on how to participate, read here.

New $MANA Markets

For our Korean and Chinese community members, we’re excited to announce that our MANA token is now available on Upbit (inaccessible outside of S. Korea) and BTC018.

We’re Hiring

Help build the metaverse! Last week two talented developers have joined Decentraland. We’re still looking for full-stack engineers, community managers and product managers to join our growing team.

Popular District Proposals

  • Vegas City — “The digital sin city, party town of Decentraland”
  • Aetherian City — Decentraland’s “largest cyber-punk agglomeration in the Metaverse”
  • Dragon City- “A perfect combination of China’s ancient culture and Western modernization”

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