The Decentraland Weekly — October 2nd

News and updates from the Decentraland project

Welcome to the first issue of Decentraland Weekly, a new publication highlighting the latest developments, community proposals, and progress on project milestones. We welcome you to join the project’s community on our new Rocket Chat, read our whitepaper, and follow our GitHub.

Terraform Event

We’re getting closer to a very exciting milestone: The Terraform Event. For the first time, the community will be able to purchase land, create districts, and participate in the growth of Decentraland.

The development team has put countless hours into ensuring a smooth rollout, reaching out to the community to identify issues and collaborate on resolutions. These discussions yielded valuable feedback and ideas, and we’ve identified three major considerations that will be addressed through the Terraform Registration:

  1. Being able to estimate the size of the initial city.
  2. Allowing community districts to purchase a contiguous and uninterrupted stretch of land.
  3. Signing up for the Genesis City auction that will take place in December.

If you have an idea for a district, please read the district proposal frameworkand submit your proposal here (we’ve received over 40 in the past three days!).

Terraform Registration Opens

Contributions to community districts have begun at This will continue until December. Starting Wednesday, October 4th at 7pm GMT, users will also be able to contribute to more than one district.

Based on community feedback, we will reward users who stake their MANA to the Genesis City auction early on. Contributions made by the last day of October will have a 15% bonus. November contributions will have a 10% bonus. On Friday, October 6th at 7pm GMT, staking to the Genesis City auction will begin.

We’ve discussed the Registration in depth in our latest post. Also, this past Thursday we held a Terraform Registration AMA and wanted to thank all who participated with questions and comments.

LAND Smart Contract Updates

Land as a Non-Fungible Asset: Tracking land presents a unique challenge as each parcel will exist as a stand-alone, non-fungible asset (NFA). We’re pioneering by pushing a new ERC Standard for non-fungible tokens, introduced by Dieter Shirley, which seeks to standardize the way wallets access users’ assets that are not fungible.

LAND Registry Contract: To track land ownership across the Decentralandplatform, the team has published the first draft of its NFA-compliant LAND Registry.

Migrating to Rocket Chat

The Decentraland team, in conjunction with other Ethereum projects, has decided to migrate communications to our own Rocket Chat. Over the next few weeks, we will be moving to the Decentraland Rocket Chat Channel and we encourage users to join us in our discussions there.

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