The Decentraland Weekly — October 9th

News and updates from the Decentraland project

Over the past week our team has been focused on testing and perfecting the Terraform Registration dApp and beginning our migration from Slack to Rocket Chat.

Also, we're excited to announce that Decentraland has acquired Fontus, and its creator, Ben Nolan, is joining our engineering team. Ben has been working on web-based virtual reality since 2014, most notably with his work on

Fontus joins Decentraland

Terraform Registration

The Terraform Registration is entering its second week with over 24 million MANA already staked to both the community districts and the Genesis City auction. This MANA, which represents over 1% of the total in circulation, will be burned to convert into land parcels at the Terraform Event in December.

Users are now able to contribute to more than one district, and staking to the Genesis City auction has begun. If you would like to add your own district, please read the district proposal framework and submit a new proposal here. (Please note that only projects with over 5 upvotes on GitHub will be posted on the Terraform Registration dApp. Districts must receive at least 10 parcels of land within the first 7 days of appearing on the registry to remain there.) We have created tutorials to help you move your MANA to MetaMask, contribute to community districts and stake MANA to the Genesis City auction. If you need extra help, reach out to us on our Rocket Chat.

Popular District Proposals

  • Vegas City — “The digital sin city, party-town of Decentraland”
  • Aetherian City — Decentraland’s “largest cyber-punk agglomeration in the Metaverse”
  • Dragon City- “A perfect combination of China’s ancient culture and Western modernization”
Dragon City: East meets the West in Decentraland

Rocket Chat

We have decided to move to an open registration in Rocket Chat: users no longer need to wait for admin acceptance before joining. Further, we are in discussions with Rocket Chat to create a customized front-end client for Ethereum projects.

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