The Terraform Event is Around the Corner!

Quick Facts, Beta Testing, Terraform Registration Recap, Reddit AMA.

The Terraform Event is around the corner! This blog post includes all the necessary information you need to know to participate.

A preview of the Genesis City Auction

Terraform Event Quick Facts

  • Start date: the Terraform Event will begin on December 15, 10 pm GMT, and will last one full week. Additional time will be allotted to bid on parcels that were outbid last moment.
  • Code: the source code for the auction has been open sourced. Feel free to join us in our GitHub repo.
  • Community Districts and Genesis Plaza placements: these will take place before the beginning of the auction, and will be reflected on the map.
  • Ask Me Anything: in order to address any questions users may have, we're going to host an AMA in our own subreddit on Tuesday 12th, at 1 pm GMT.

Beta Testing the Genesis City Auction

Today we started onboarding members of our community to beta test the application for the Genesis City auction. This is a trial auction that will have no bearing on the actual auction, which begins on December 15, 10 pm GMT. We’re going to make the trial auction available to everyone within a few days. If you’d like to get early access, please email us at

In the meanwhile, we would like to take this opportunity to help familiarize our community with what the event will look like.

Here are some notes to keep in mind:

  • To be able to use the auction app, you will need to use a web3 browser, such as Metamask or Mist. Parity is not supported, as it doesn’t implement certain methods.
  • Upon accessing the app, you will see a map of biddable parcels, as shown above. The parcels are color coded in a way that indicates their current status: that way you'll be able to understand their current state quickly.
  • Clicking on a parcel opens up a popup describing the current bid state (if any). If the parcel is available for bidding, a "Place bid" button will appear. You can click this button to bid on a parcel.
  • To check on your current balance and ongoing bids, you can open the sidebar on the top-left corner.
  • The search bar helps you quickly search for a parcel or a district.

Differences Between the Testnet and Mainnet Versions

During the real auction, a few things will work slightly differently:

  • Your total available balance will result from how much MANA you committed in the Terraform Registration dApp ( On the test version, conversely, if you don’t have a balance, the system will automatically assign 10,000 MANA so that you can try it out.
  • You may find that upon clicking on districts on the search bar the auction application takes you nowhere. This is because the data has not been fully migrated, yet. Expect this to work properly on the final version.

Terraform Registration Recap

For the past two months, the Terraform Registration has been live at Users have already committed over 94 million MANA tokens to both community district proposals (shared-interest groups) and the auction of Genesis City parcels. These commitments represent about $1.95M USD at the time of writing!

The Terraform Registration dApp

As a reminder, you can buy MANA tokens in several online exchanges, such as, or To participate in the Terraform Registration (and the auction itself) we recommend using Metamask. Finally, here are a few tutorials to help you walk through the Terraform Registration:

  1. How to transfer MANA from MyEtherWallet to MetaMask.
  2. How to register to the Genesis City auction.
  3. How to contribute to a community district.
  4. Staking MANA to Genesis City using the Ledger Nano S.

AMA in Reddit

We would like to invite the community to an Ask Me Anything with the Decentraland team to address any questions you may have about the Terraform Registration and upcoming land auction. The AMA will take place in our own subreddit on Tuesday the 12th, at 1 pm GMT.

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