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Decentralised Soul

What is Decentralised Soul?

Bringing Philosophy to Blockchain

Illustration by me

This publication is dedicated to nurturing and promoting philosophical discourse within the blockchain community. Throughout my career as a blockchain technical writer, I have come to the realization that the dominant form of discussion found in this industry is focused on the science, mathematics, and economics of the field. Of course, this is entirely understandable as this field was born out of several intersectional STEM subjects.

However, due to this, there has been strikingly little discourse on the wider social and philosophical implications that this technology entails. This is where Decentralised Soul comes in!

This is a place where people can freely and openly explore wider and more conceptual aspects of the industry, and how its underlying technology affects people on a human and existential level.

Who runs this publication?

Decentralised Soul (DS) was created, and is maintained, by me (Kai). I am a blockchain technical writer and Ethics Strategist at Anmol.Network. I have been working in this field for several years now.

I am also a Law and Philosophy graduate.

During my time in this field, I have developed many opinions on the wider implications of the blockchain and crypto industry, and I am excited to showcase them here.

Why is it called Decentralised Soul?

The name derives from a story found in Eastern philosophy.

In the Chandogya Upanishad, one of the primary Hindu texts, the entity, Brahman chooses to split itself into many, many, pieces, with each piece entering into physical beings. These pieces then became individual souls. All living things contain a piece of Brahman. This is one of Hinduism’s many creation stories, depicting the origins of animate life in the universe. By dividing itself, Brahman brought life into the universe, with each being sharing the same pieces of soul as each other.

Brahman represents the idea of a soul that is distributed throughout each individual thing, where each thing has an individual soul, but all of those individual souls represent one larger, fully encompassing, soul.

Essentially, brahman is a decentralised soul, where the soul is distributed equally throughout everybody, giving everybody a sense of autonomy and significance.

The Future of this Publication

I am looking forward to seeing this publication flourish and prosper. Join me on this journey and give this publication a follow! If you are interested in exploring blockchain and crypto in its wider contexts, then I am confident that you will find something worthwhile here.

— Kai



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