DID — The Future

While we have been relatively quiet in the last few weeks, rest assured that all of us from Sydney to Mexico have been working very hard to push the DID agenda forward. We continue to receive a lot of support from the community and beyond. Many love the idea, the software and the solution it brings. Governments have also shown a lot of interest in what Blockchain has to offer to them in terms of Digital ID, and so we have been in touch with many departments.

What we are selling to the Govts worldwide.
  • The Foundation: 
    We are very much on track with the set-up of the Foundation and the running of the scheme as originally proposed. As you know, we did not raise as much funds as we intended to, however the funding of the Foundation will go as planned. We are tailoring our strategy following the completion of the ICO and we are excited about the impact of our technology. The Foundation is generating a lot of interest and we are confident this will help build the strong presence it deserved. If you are in the UK, please do join in. You can lodge an application by visiting: http://bit.ly/did-application
  • Exchange listing: 
    We have started this process on the 26th of last month. We have so far been in contact with five exchanges and we are negotiating terms with one of them. Given the amount of scam there is out there regarding exchanges (and we’ve been bit by it), we are keeping information to ourselves until we announce a confirmed listing. It is important to us to find the right exchange, where our users can benefit. And don’t forget that the Foundation may also need to use its tokens after 6 months (the tokens currently locked on a smart contract). Rest assured that we are on track, we are on the case and let’s hope for a listing in the next 15 days max. We are under pressure by the community to list at exchanges; we ourselves would rather wait for a suitable exchange for us. We have also had a few smaller exchanges with inward enquiries that we may go ahead with. I’m guessing we will go through the smallest to the largest in that order.
  • What we’ve been up to: 
    We have some hot leads from a few Govt authorities in the US which we are actively pursuing. Our focus and attention at the moment is to materialise the leads and let the DID agenda flourish with sovereign ID concept. You may hear pretty good news on this front very soon too. In addition, we have a patent pending for the Technology and we are giving demos to the Govt departments under an NDA. We would soon be able to share this demo of Marsland with the public. -Demos available for the Govts-
  • Why we have been keeping it quiet: 
    We have been busy! The potential of the DID software is huge and attracting a lot of attention and enquiries, which we are working through. Good planning and picking the right implementation are essential to ensure the success of DID. We have also made progress on other fronts, for example, did you know that we got a patent pending application for our software schema? Well, we did! And we did want this information to come out when we get onto a proper exchange. But I’m guessing this info will get released shortly too.
  • Technical: 
    We have decided to open up the APIs to the public to test out the complete software schema. 
    Start your own country, start your own Membership club, start accepting Blockchain-based logins on your website … the sky is the limit!
    Releasing our API will put DID into a different league where it truly becomes a technology to be reckoned with. We will be pushing the use of the schema and you will be able to issue IDs/Memberships on the Blockchain as well as provide a safe way to log in into services.