DML Project Update — 31 March 2019

Dear DML Community,

Here is our latest update about our development progress. Over the past months, we have been identifying our first use case making use of customers’/app users’ big data on top of our DML Infrastructure, including the payment channels for transactions.

The goal of the first use case is to let users easily integrate and access their own data, and then securely monetize it. Today, we are going to announce such use cases — our upcoming mobile app, LifeSyn.

LifeSyn — Empowers and Inspires You to be More Productive

LifeSyn is a lifestyle data hub, it contains a concatenate insight of data, integrated in the dashboard on a mobile app. With various mobile API integration, for example, Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit, Instagram, Twitter, RescueTime etc., combined with the data stored natively in the smartphone (the untapped data) such as locations, photos and calendar, one can seamlessly view their health, workout and also lifestyle habits.

Account onboarding and wallet creation in LifeSyn mobile app.
Connect your mobile device data with LifeSyn, get a comprehensive insights about your habits and earn premium offers.

Data/Insights Transaction Platform on Blockchain

The backend of LifeSyn mobile app will be supported by our existing blockchain infrastructure developed by our tech team. App users can specifically allow and revoke access of various types of data in LifeSyn. For instance, they can freely share to LifeSyn their location data on Day 1, and then remove this sharing on Day 10. All of these data permission record will be stored on blockchain, so it has an audit trail on data sharing and usage.

Transactions, permissions and audits are supported by the blockchain backend in DML Infrastrcuture.

Moreover, we are also going to integrate the smart contract payment channels and wallets in the mobile app, in our later phase of production. Thus, what we are aiming to is to setup a data/insights transaction platform to connect data owners (app users) and businesses who are interested to purchase these data/insights. This transaction platform will be run securely on the blockchain, according to data owners’ autonomy.

Users can monetize their untapped data and insights to businesses without compromising privacy.

Going Forward

We are now working on the pilot test run on the first version of LifeSyn, and once we are ready to announce it publicly (in near future), we will provide another coverage on this. Thanks for your continuous support to us as a pioneer to deliver our mission of democratizing the big data and machine learning spaces. We are committed to make it happen. More updates are expected about our project development progress, please stay tuned with us.

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