DML Token Claim Guide

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Thanks a lot for all of your support. DML Token Generation Event (TGE) has been completed. Below is our token claim guide for eligible public TGE contributors.

Claim DML Token

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2.Enter DML Contribution address into “Contract Address”: (Ignore “Select Existing Contract”)


3.Paste the following into “ABI / JSON Interface”:


4.Press “Access

5.Select “claimTokens from dropdown menu

6.Enter your ETH address that has been contributed to DML Contribution smart contract address

7.Load your wallet using your preferred option

Amount to send:


Gas Limit:

recommend at least 200000 (unused gas will be returned by Ethereum Network)

8.Press “Write

  1. Get your 12 word seed from Eidoo. Go to:
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2. Select the BIP32 tab and enter in the BIP32 Derivative Path.:

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3. Retrieve private key

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4. Follow the steps in MyEtherWallet tutorial above and use this private key in Step 7.

Add Custom Token in your Own Wallet

  1. Token Contract Address:

2.Check the Token Symbol as DML

3.Decimal as 18

4.By now if your transaction that processed (claimTokens) is confirmed, you will see your DML token balance

Since tokens don’t load automatically in your imToken wallet, you can view/transfer the tokens in MyEtherWallet. When you have created imToken wallet, you should have saved the 12 seed words or the memnonic phrase. Go to, and after you click on Memnonic Phrase, write there the 12 seed phrase.

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