Return Autonomy of AI, Machine Learning and Self-owned Data to People

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How to tame the tech titans (Image Source: The Economist)

The Industrial Revolution Unlocks New Sources of Energy

The industrial revolution, which began in the mid 18th century, has accelerated the transformation of human society. Before the revolution, a majority of the countries in the world were agricultural societies where people worked in local farms and the landlords owned most of the resources.

New industrial technologies were developed that unlocked new sources of energy and transferred them to usable power and mechanical energy to replace muscle power. The invention of the steam engine, which was then subsequently improved by James Watt, and the building of railways made large scale production and mass transportation possible. The productivity of mankind was increased significantly and resources and social mobility across countries was eased. Living standards improved, where people earned higher wages and enjoyed more resources, leading to rapid population growth.

The Few Enjoyed Majority of the Benefit of Industrial Revolution

Despite the beauty of the industrial revolution to mankind, the benefits derived were unevenly distributed across society. A small group of people, who owned and controlled the new industrial technologies, new sources of energy, machines and factories, enjoyed most of the prosperity. This centralization of power and resources created global inequality as the majority of the population were unable to benefit much from the industrial revolution.

The Internet Revolution Creates New Opportunities

In the 21st century, the internet revolution transformed the world through the World Wide Web and more powerful computers. With the aid of internet, computers and smartphones, access to information and communication among parties can be conducted instantly without geographical barriers. This greatly reduces information and communication costs. Access to knowledge from all over the world has never been easier. The human mental power is being replaced gradually by the storage and processing power of the computers. Productivity and quality of life have been drastically improved again.

Tech Titans Dominance resulting in Anti-competitiveness & Uneven Benefit Allocation

Unfortunately, history always repeats itself. Similar to the industrial revolution, a small group of pioneers that include tech giants realized the potential of the internet revolution, hence gradually built infrastructures and dominated the market. Centralized ownership and control over new digital technologies and infrastructures lead to tech titans enjoying most of the benefits generated from the new technologies.

Furthermore, they continue to extend their dominance in the internet space, which hinders technology innovation due to anti-competitiveness as ideas will only be bought up by the management or selected elites of tech giants rather than majorities all over the globe. This distorts the original design of the internet, where vast majority can contribute and connect their skills and talents to form an open society.

DML Stops the Monopoly in AI and Machine Learning by Returning Power to Public

Data and processing power grew exponentially and led to the advancement of artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning. This is the next revolution that will improve our productivity and life through smarter computers and better analytical tools for decision making. However, history tells us that a new technology brings a better life as a whole to mankind, a large portion of the benefits is always allocated to a few pioneers’ hands. It is time to do it differently. While enjoying the technology advancement in AI and Machine Learning, we adopt a decentralized methodology to solve the phenomenon of uneven allocation for the sake of everyone.

Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) is introduced with the vision to avoid central control of machine learning development and central ownership of data. With the belief of collective intelligence, DML also hopes to promote innovation from the periphery instead of being dictated by management and elites of the tech giants.

Utilizing blockchain technology, DML unlocks the potential of untapped data stored within individual devices for machine learning development while protecting data privacy. The original data will not be extracted or shared with other parties. Data owners have full autonomy over their own data. Besides, a developer community will be created to encourage talents to monetize their skills in machine learning development. Innovation will no longer be dictated, while innovation from the periphery is promoted.

DML unleashes the potential of existing resources that includes individual untapped data and talented developers from all over the world for machine learning development. Autonomy is being decentralized to mass majority through blockchain technology rather than being owned and controlled by monopolies or minorities of the population. A better, advanced, open and decentralized world is created through the next revolution in artificial intelligence, which will benefit to mankind while free from monopoly control and interference.

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