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Welcoming Scott Sigel

Industry Veteran Joins Decentralized Wireless Alliance as Newly Appointed Director of Operations

Today we’re proud to announce that Scott Sigel has officially joined the DeWi Alliance as its first Director of Operations, effective immediately. Scott has been a long-time supporter of the Helium community and is a familiar face to many. We are honored to have him, and we welcome his experience.

Scott hails from both crypto and traditional finance. Most recently, he served as interim Head of Strategy at Solana where he helped facilitate strategic partnerships, build liquidity, integrate critical market infrastructure, and grow its developer community. Before that, he worked closely with Arweave as a strategic advisor, and before that with Arwen as Head of Business Development. In these roles, Scott developed deep industry relationships and brought several new products and incentive models to market. He will undoubtedly use this experience to help raise the profile of the DeWi Alliance and the Helium network.

Prior to Scott’s life in crypto, he served as a Senior Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank. While there, he worked closely with early-stage startups on growth, finance, and management. He also worked closely with the in-house R&D team to spearhead new initiatives across API-banking, services innovation, and product design. To say the least, he has a unique view on how to scale world-changing technologies from both an operator and a capital perspective.

Most importantly, Scott has a genuine passion for wireless technology and crypto. He deeply believes in the mission that drives our work and we have no doubt that he will make his dent in the mission of connecting the world’s devices.

As we reflect on the past year, 2020 was a remarkable year for us. The last six months alone saw the approval of multiple, mission-critical HIPs, new commercial deployments, and exciting new use cases that are already inspiring the next wave of teams to build on The People’s Network.

As we look to 2021, the DeWi Alliance is doubling down on its involvement as an active stakeholder in the Helium ecosystem as we expand our team with Scott. With him at the helm, this year is already off on a good foot.

Scott will start by helping us advance several key initiatives, including elevating HNT’s profile in crypto markets, bringing new communities into the DeWi ecosystem, providing more support to existing stakeholders, and helping new projects with access to capital.

He’s eager to get to know the community and will be reaching out to many of you in the weeks to come. If you have questions about HNT markets, grant opportunities, or want to get more involved as a contributing member of DeWi, feel free to reach out to Scott directly via email (scott@dewi.org) or on the Helium discord (@sc0tt#5386).




The Helium Foundation is a global not-for-profit dedicated to the proliferation of a secure, cost-effective Internet of Things.

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