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DecentraNet featured as one of 10 Crypto Companies that Will Actually Improve Society

By David Jackson

When cryptocurrency gets brought up in the news, there are typically only two aspects of the crypto market being taken into consideration:

  • Wow, would you look at this neat feature cryptocurrencies have! Isn’t that interesting?
  • Wait, cryptocurrencies can be used to make the illegal purchasing process easier? This is a disaster.

You get the idea. People in the mainstream tend to have a pretty basic understanding of how cryptocurrency works, and that’s to be expected. We shouldn’t be surprised that cryptocurrency ends up getting presented this way.

But it does bring up an interesting question: what can be accomplished with cryptocurrencies?

Don’t get me wrong, those of us within the blockchain community are fully aware of the laundry list of perks that come with a fully integrated crypto market.

I’m not just talking about “decentralization” or “fraud protection” in a vague sense. I want to explore how we can actually improve society in a meaningful way with cryptocurrencies.

And that’s why today, I’m going to take a look at 10 crypto companies that are gearing up to change the culture of traditional markets and improve society in the process.

Nano Vision

Nano Vision was formed as the solution to a problem that is as problematic as it is antiquated. The reality of research as we know it is that it’s trapped in a model that’s fundamentally broken.

While trying to drive scientific advancement, trillions of dollars end up being spent all around the world, with limited success.

To make matters worse, critical data ends up being siloed in individual institutions and governments globally. Nano Vision aims to change that by aggregating existing and real-time data from the world’s leading institutions. By using a global, decentralized blockchain economy, they can empower citizens and scientists to address the world’s greatest human health challenges.


At its core, DecentraNet operates as a full-service blockchain advisory and consultancy, serving entrepreneurs with a full suite of done-for-you services, deep industry partnerships, access to capital, and community events.

DecentraNet hopes to use blockchain technology to enable newer, more efficient solutions to otherwise crippling global challenges. But what does that really mean? Well, they’re aiming to not only empower a single individual, but to create a culture that is capable of fully integrating the crypto markets into our current financial markets.


The easiest way to think of Loci is that it’s a platform designed to change the way the Intellectual Property (IP) industry functions. The unfortunate reality of the IP world is that claiming an idea as IP can be a terribly lengthy and expensive venture, with very little in the realm of payoff.

Loci aims to fix this problem by simplifying both the patent search process and utilizing unique visualizations to help further understand the vast landscape of ideas. By the time Loci is done with the IP industry, inventors will have a cheaper, faster method for claiming IP.


As an investor, there’s a pretty common issue that you’ll run into: balancing your liquid assets and your illiquid assets. Traditionally, these markets are kept siloed, but Securrency is hoping to change that.

Securrency aims to be your go-to financial tool to make asset transfers easier than ever before, with access to a part bond, part currency, and part exchange traded fund share. This means that you’ll be able to instantly liquefy any of your assets, without having to pay for costly third-party services.

The BuildCoin Foundation

The BuildCoin Foundation was founded on a single principle: the idea that every human being deserves access to both affordable and reliable infrastructure to reach their highest potential in order to live their best life.

So, how does the BuildCoin Foundation help? By leading the charge when it comes to building a new foundation for global economic and human social advancement. The BuildCoin Foundation understands that investments in the development of quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure drive economic development. That’s why they created BuildCoin, a cryptocurrency that’s designed to help offer transparency, immutability, process integrity and disintermediation, all at lower costs and with faster transactions.


While it may not seem glamorous to most people, the trucking industry is truly the backbone of American commerce. With 80% of all cargo transported overland by trucks, and more than $700B spent on overland logistics in the U.S in 2016, the market is undeniable. Unfortunately, it’s also very inefficient.

Fr8 exists as a set of decentralized applications designed to connect the freight industry’s fractured value chain by transparently connecting key stakeholders, removing high-cost arbitrage, increasing efficiencies, and re-aligning incentives. Just as important, by using blockchain technology, they’re able to mitigate the industry’s considerable environmental impact.


At its core, Constellation is a horizontally scalable distributed operating system with smart contracts as microservices. Constellation offers a cryptocurrency with transactions faster than both Bitcoin and Ethereum by a factor of 1000. And with no transaction fees, more and more people will be able to take advantage of this cryptocurrency.

It’s completely decentralized, mobile compatible and you can easily integrate Constellation’s smart contracts as microservices into existing applications.


The Dispatch platform is actually relatively simple. With blockchain going mainstream, Dispatch Labs is building the architecture to get it there. Dispatch aims to create a platform that will disrupt a host of traditional industries. By enabling the development of secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications.

Solid Opinion

The most interesting thing about SolidOpinion is their approach to being an engagement company. Their goal is to help users track, power, drive, and reward engagement. And yet their focus is on creating targeted, un-intrusive ads that drive engagement. And at the core of all this is a digital currency that offers transparency and efficiency to its users.


NuBits might be one of the few digital currencies that’s stable enough and versatile enough for the mainstream financial markets. NuBits uses a 1-to-1 ratio with the US dollar, meaning that there’s no need to perform complex math at the point of sale. Plus with no vendors fees or customer chargebacks, it’s a great financial tool for vendors and merchants.

Which crypto company do you think is leading the charge when it comes to improving society? Comment below.

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