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Meet Our Advisory Team: Introducing Danielle Sunberg, Our Dynamic Phenom, and Fearless Leap Taker

DecentraNet continues to grow our advisory team beyond an exclusive blockchain focus. We’re stoked to welcome Danielle Sunberg, a former corporate attorney and executive turned alignment-catalyst and conscious operations consultant.

A former attorney and tech startup exec, Danielle left the traditional definition of success behind to pursue her true calling as an alignment-catalyst. Danielle blends her legal and operations background with empathy, authenticity, and conscious communication to serve her corporate clients. Her work aligns companies’ systems and structures with the superpowers of the team members. We are delighted she’s joined our team. You can learn more about this dynamic phenom at

Tell us about your background. Where do you hail from and what is your story?

While living in Washington, D.C. I practiced as an attorney where I clerked for a judge before joining a firm as a commercial litigator. At the firm, I represented companies and partnerships facing federal regulatory concerns and working through internal disputes. After winning a $6 Billion trial for my client, I left the firm to run operations for a SaaS startup.

This transition afforded me the flexibility to work remotely, and I traveled the world for over a year, visiting 14 countries on 6 continents. Traveling taught me more than I could have imagined about the world and who I am in it.

Now based in Austin, TX, I’ve transitioned my experience and knowledge into a consulting company that advises operations and strategic team functionality for executive teams and startups.

How did you come to be an advisor at DecentraNet?

DecentraNet’s mission to lead societal progress through transformational technology is inspirational! I’ve known the team and offered them friendly advice for years. Apparently, they value my advice because they asked for more of my time and we formalized the relationship! I am honored to advise on the optimization of the DecentraNet team so that they can continue to forge our future.

What do you find as your most valuable asset to offer clients and partners of DecentraNet?

I take a holistic approach to cultivating extraordinary leaders and creating companies that empower their teams to achieve goals previously thought out of reach. By leveraging my experience in the corporate sector with a focus on empathy, collaboration, and conscious communication, I guide companies toward accelerated success. Together, we create operational frameworks and systems that are optimal for both the company and the team members.

What accomplishment, to date, are you the proudest of?

Taking my leap from the corporate sector to entrepreneurship! I left a prestigious career with dependable financial prosperity because I was inspired to redefine success on my own terms. This leap requires an immense amount of self-trust, motivation, competence, and sincerity. I’ve observed a lot of fear around leaving a stable job because we don’t know where we will land, and I am proud of myself for allowing my inspiration to direct my energy and focus instead.

Danielle Sunberg, alignment-catalyst, conscious operations consultant and advisor to DecentraNet.

If you could offer just one piece of general (but often forgotten) advice to any startup in disruptive or transformative technology industries, what would it be?

A tree without roots bears no fruit! We are living in an incredible technological age where the leading edge moves forward every day. Sometimes we may feel as though we are in a technological race to market. Under this pressure, we look to the branches of the tree, hoping they grow ripe, delicious fruit as fast as possible. However, to achieve such a bounty we must turn our focus to the roots. This translates into investing in the groundwork of the company and creating the fundamental systems that support and empowers the team.

There are many industries undergoing disruption and many new industries emerging. What specific industry is most exciting to you, and why?

Companies that are researching and investing in technologies as a tool to promote wellbeing. These companies demonstrate how the frontiers of technology, whether it be blockchain, AI, or genomic precision medicine, foster a deep sense of connection with ourselves and our communities.

Where’s your favorite place in the world, and why?

For a month in 2018, I lived in what was affectionately called the “Cloud Castle,” a rustic cabin in rural Colombia located at a 9,000-foot elevation overlooking the sparkling lights of Medellin. The pace of living in the Cloud Castle was slow in a peaceful, mindful way. There were no buttons — no heat/AC, dishwasher, microwave, oven, or tv — to distract me from being an involved participant in my needs.

Living there mended a feedback loop broken by living in cities where I had forgotten that I am a part of nature and not apart from nature.

If you could be any animal, which would you be? And why?

Hippos have always called to me because of their size, their diet, and their temperament. They are fearsome vegetarians who warn off predators with their giant canines. I always resonated with the idea of being a playful, peaceful creature who isn’t vulnerable to exploitation.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

The OA. The plot twists on tv shows are usually formulaic but the OA kept me guessing and engaged. It also hits on themes around limiting belief systems and the expansiveness of human consciousness that are fun to explore with the characters.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

My husband and I recently purchased a house, and it turns out I have an eye for interior design! Decorating our home has been a fun, creative outlet for expressing ourselves and using the opportunity to create an inviting, intimate space for friends and family to enjoy with us.

Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?

  • Ram Dass
  • My grandpa
  • My great, great grandchildren
  • Abraham Hicks

What do you hope to be when you grow up?

An inspiration to people to connect with their purpose and live it out loud. As more folks feel empowered to pursue their dreams, the definition of success will shift from being measured in productivity and busy-ness to self-satisfaction and joy. The ripple effect this will have on society, business, and belief systems and structures are unlimited.

Want to Know More About All the Awesome Stuff We Do?

DecentraNet is a purpose-driven investment and advisory firm specializing in blockchain and other transformational technologies with global impact. We also create event experiences and innovative content to bring our clients projects to market and to evangelize the potential of transformational technologies generally.

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DecentraNet is a purpose-driven investment and advisory firm specializing in blockchain and other transformational technologies with a global impact. Contact us about helping your company thrive at

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