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DecentraNet A Free, Fair, Sustainable Internet

Simply put, ThreeFold is building a new internet. But what’s wrong with the old one you might ask?

For most of us, the Internet is more of a concept than a tangible entity. We often forget that it relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks to other networks. There are several problems with the web’s current infrastructure, however. It’s highly centralized and allows for easy censorship, incredibly energy inefficient and unsustainable, inaccessible to much of the world, and lacks true privacy because so many middlemen access your data traffic.

ThreeFold solves all of these problems and provides for a free, equal, sustainable, and accessible peer-to-peer internet.

  • ThreeFold has deployed a distributed grid of nodes across over 21+ countries, which enables it to reach remote regions that were previously un-networked.
  • Because of its decentralized nature, the ThreeFold grid cannot be restricted or censored.
  • Its peer-to-peer nature enables every individual to have full control of their data (and profit from their data if they wish).
  • Consumes 90% less energy, and 90% less international fiber network capacity than the traditional internet grid.

Founded by Kristof De Spiegeleer, a 20-year veteran of the technology industry that has founded over 10 companies and guided six acquisitions, ThreeFold is now the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer network and continues to expand. The network supports 80,000,000+ Gigabytes of existing capacity, 20,000+ CPU cores, and 600+ active nodes in 21+ countries.

Kristof told Cointelegraph that since 2016, he has been building a peer-to-peer Internet to create a truly decentralized global web architecture:

“Currently, less than 20 companies in the world own more than 80% of the internet’s capacity. Data also resides in huge data centers, where 5 to 10% of the world’s electricity goes, a number which will grow in the coming years. Today, we don’t own our data or the applications on our phones.”

With partnerships like Hewlett Packard and Stellar, ThreeFold is replacing four of the current seven layers of the Internet infrastructure, resulting in a much simpler system that is truly efficient, scalable, sustainable, affordable, and peer-to-peer.

To learn more about ThreeFold’s mission, visit

Have a project that could utilize the ThreeFold Network? Want to partner with them? Visit to learn more.

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DecentraNet is a purpose-driven investment and advisory firm specializing in blockchain and other transformational technologies with global impact. We also create event experiences and innovative content to bring our clients projects to market and to evangelize the potential of transformational technologies generally.

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DecentraNet is a purpose-driven investment and advisory firm specializing in blockchain and other transformational technologies with a global impact. Contact us about helping your company thrive at

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