Virtualization is for everything?

New Millennium start has its trends.

What it comes from previous one is the Internet, and its heritage.

With this revolution, humankind has new tools available.

Virtualization is one of such tools.

I won’t go technical here, me too I play with some devices, I’m interested in the concept instead, so I’ll deal about this only.

Thanks to Internet many barriers did fall, so it’s easy to look, everywhere in the world, at new interesting running projects. Regardless of distance, spoken language, timezone, and many other limits.

There’s many examples. When my ancient city was hit by an earthquake, the broken monuments were quickly rebuilt in VR / AR, so not to lose memories. What once was the single Personal Computer on everyone table, now thanks to the Cloud is scattered in a lot of different remote services that substitute its Hard Disk, CPU, RAM and the other components, allowing instead networking policies. The telephone mobile traditional carriers are facing the competition of the new so-called “virtual operators” companies. Everyday our children plays networked with Minecraft, instead of staying alone with old-fashioned Lego bricks. And so on…

I’m sure that many more examples could be found from our everyday’s life, better than those above.

Virtualization is that act happening when we trascend from physical world material / traditional infrastructures.

What it was something much harder to do in the past, it’s easier in a modern world, so full of technologies.

A currently underway process of huge Virtualization is the shiny new world of cryptocurrencies. I won’t repeat all the stuff about the Bitcoin as the answer of the mythical Satoshi Nakamoto against the 2008 global financial crisis. There’s plenty of material about this, and the scandal of so little people found guilty about all that mess, that you can count them on the fingers of one hand.

Let’s stay on the Virtualization trail. What happened in that case it was to take the “traditional” trust in a ill banking system, and to virtualize it in a neutral self-defending software system, independent even from governments.

Indipendent “virtual” Bitcoin instead of physical controlled Gold.

I’ve heard someone comparing the banks and governments, should they maybe lose this way the control of wealth, with the image of the dinosaurs that are extinct because they had their eggs eaten by tiny quick mammals, as the paleontologists tell. I don’t agree nor disagree about this, but I think the reaction of the traditional System is not quick, and we can see the results of this “struggle” every day.

But, no politics here, please follow me in the Virtualization theme. The real amazing fact, not many are aware of, is that the above it was a simple lid of a Pandora’s box.

There’s thousands of more crypto currencies, usually shown as a chance of getting rich as if every internauts is a trader or a gambler willing to play with its own money in systems designed to make him poorer, instead.

I won’t take away the thrill of discover the meaning of new things like ICO, TGE or more when compared to the IPO concept, nor I will talk about old-fashioned Wall Street tools introduced to legions of new crypto enabled people, before unabled to play finance. It would be like making judgments about the Land of Toys, that one in the Pinocchio history.

What I want to highlight, talking about the explosion of cryptocurrencies, is the “Sense of Wonder” you feel when considering how a lot of groups of people from every corner in the World were able to imagine the Virtualization in so many aspects of the actual state-of-the-art in numerous different tecnologies.

Everyone wants to disrupt every old-fashioned ways of acting, everywhere and, empowered by technology, they could succeed!

That one exactly is the cryptocurrencies’ promise, fashinating the so-called Millennials new generations. It is a global trend.

In the last two years I’ve been following this explosion, and the hundreds of projects launched globally thanks to Internet. A sadly too high % it was scams, but you can find real pearls among a lot of rubbish.

Everyone can take part in a good project, beneath frontiers, governments’ Customs and taxes, and many more other traps, coming from ancient bureaucracy or new fraudsters.

The “ Power to the Imagination” old slogan?

You could write books with the great things you may find.

Microfinance crowdfunding the poorest corners of the World, new solutions in Health, Travel, Energy, Transport, Art, Green, News, Finance, Communication, every sector of human activity. By now every activity it looks like less efficent if not backed by a BlockChain based ledger…

I will end up with an example, one of my preferred projects.

It’s the full Virtualization of a whole State.

An ambitious project, but they are doing it. Embassies were opened, they went already through UN, and have agreements with many International Institutions. Among a lot of more other things.

They started with a population of 280.000 citizens from every corner of the World, and have a full working infrastructure from 12 Ministries employing 850 daily working people, and they are growing!

Give a look:

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