The 2021 RoadMap For Backend Developer

Want to become a Backend Web Developer in 2021? Being a fresher and not knowing what career to choose is something we all went through. But, if you have concluded to become a backend developer, we will help you to know the programming languages, tools and technologies that are often used for backend development. Please remember this roadmap is the extension of our previous blog on the backend developer roadmap and is here to help you identify more areas to learn.

So let’s get started!

Who is a Backend Developer?

Backend developers deal with the logical side of the application. Backend development refers to server-side development that centers on scripting, databases, and web application architecture. In simple terms, the backend developer handles behind-the-scenes activities that take place while performing a function on the website or application. It’s the backend developer’s responsibility to write code that communicates with databases or APIs, creating libraries, working on data architecture and business processes, and so on.

Backend development gives the foundation code to enable web apps to perform the actions users ask using the frontend and deliver the right outcome. But what are the technologies, tools, languages that you need to know about to become a backend developer? Let’s check that out!

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