Universal code addressing scheme

Share Dcode is a URL scheme for sharing code. You can use it to enable your applications to share code snippet links with other people and open them in their own editors and IDEs. Dcode works in multiple environments and with many editors, does well even if your projects undergo lots of changes. Dcode URL is easy to create and manipulate by hand.

There are currently 2 clients:

  • A standalone dcode handler on Github. Specifications and examples are also hosted there. See below.
  • Deckard, the assistant for developer teams, already integrates dcode to navigate and discuss code locations. Dcode works independently, but we highly recommend that you give it a try and see the use-cases enabled by dcode: Download Deckard here.


Installation is simple, works on both macOS and Linux.

pip install --user dcode && python -m dcode install


Configuration is simple, too.

Edit `~/.dcode.json` to choose your favorite IDE.


Want to create the future of code sharing with us? Check the repo’s README on GitHub and make sure to star it. Proposals and bugs are tracked as issues. You can also contact us at info@deckard.ai to join our developer Slack!

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