Catastrophic failure, what’s it like?

Failure. The kind where your guts are spilt across the floor. The kind where no hope seems to exist. The kind where you’re so embarrassed to even show your face. The catastrophic kind.

Have you ever experienced it?

Not the small instances where things didn’t go your way for a few days.

Catastrophic failure is the kind where your life is nothing but shambles and you’re tasked with piecing them back together.

A failed business. A failed romance. A failed career.

Sometimes the failure isn’t even your fault. Things happen. And you’re caught off guard in the crosshairs.

How do you react? How do you start over? How do you move forward?

I ask because I don’t know. I’ve never had such an experience. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s a lack of taking big risks. Either way, I feel like I’m missing out on a tremendous growth and learning experience.

As I move farther and farther away from my early-twenties, I’m starting to realize that hard work and a positive attitude aren’t always the solution to adversity.

What’s the farthest you’ve ever fallen after failure, and what did you do to cope, rebuild, and move past it?