Every Week is a 7 Game Series

In professional sports like hockey or baseball, a seven game series is used to determine who advances to the next round of the playoffs. The first team to win 4 games out of the 7 moves on.

But what if the rules were different?

What if your favorite team only had to win 1 game out of the 7 to win the series? Would your team’s approach to the series change?

Probably, without every game being a must win situation, your team might play a little more relaxed. They might take bigger risks or play with finesse. Fear of failing wouldn’t hold them back.

Knowing they only need to snag 1 victory out of 7 chances will change their entire gameplan.

Now why can’t you approach life in the same way?

The idols and “success” stories of our culture have failed time and time again before they snagged their one victory. They succeed because failing is an option.

Start by treating your week as a seven game series. However you define a “victory,” aim to win just one day a week.

Shift your mindset to accept repeated failures and you’ll take bigger risks and live with more finesse.

Over the course of a month, a year, or even a lifetime, these small victories add up.

The odds are in your favor. Take them.