Habits are easier to start when we know our core values

Let’s exercise, tomorrow!

My wife agreed with me. No more excuses, no more waiting. Without hesitation, we jumped on a new exercise routine and worked out 5x a week for nearly two months until…

Until we travelled for her first pharmacy residency interview.

We’ll skip these couple of days. No big deal.

When we returned home we only had a few days until we needed to leave for another interview.

There’s no point in only working out for a few days.

After a month with 6 interviews in 6 cities, we had totally lost our exercise habit. Why?

Because we didn’t root our habit in our core values.

During our interview travels, we valued comfort and convenience over health and fitness. Unfortunately, comfort and convenience continued to overwhelm all other values the months following.

Many of us attempt to establish new habits without first studying our lives to understand what it is we actually value in life. Often we go after what we think we are supposed to go after or what society tells us we need to go after.

To gain better clarity on your values, ask yourself this one question:

Beside basic human necessities, what do I actually need in my life?

Key word here is need.