Here’s the Truth: You Need to be 110% Ready Before Leaving Your Full-Time Job

I was once a huge proponent for the whole ditch-your-9-to-5-right-now-and-follow-your-passion. I’ve changed my mind since.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a firm believer that traditional corporate-America isn’t as safe and secure of a career route that it once was.

However, before you cast away the cubicle and begin building your own career understand this:

No one tells you how lonely and difficult it is being in full control of your career.

Before you leave you need to be 110% ready. Meaning you need to…

  • Have a substantial amount of savings stashed away somewhere for the months you struggle to find business
  • Have a legitimate business model to bring in consistent revenue every month
  • Have a support network in place of other individuals who are treading down similar career routes
  • Become mentally tough

You know how many of those things I did before I left my job in June? About 0.5, aka half of one of those things.

Be ready. Be 110% ready before making this drastic career change.

I’m living through it now and it’s not easy.

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