I Hired a Business Coach

I’m not that business savvy. I’m indecisive. I get caught up in the details. I have a hard time seeing the big picture.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn.

That’s why I hired a business coach.

Last year I launched SHRPA. It was my first attempt at doing anything “entrepreneurial”. At the time I wanted to believe in myself, but I was strapped for cash and was too afraid to make any significant investments in myself, namely coaching.

Where did I struggle the most? Making timely and intelligent business decisions.

This time around I’m not making the same mistake. I’ve brought on a business coach to help me accomplish the following:

  • Stay focused on urgent and important tasks (see Eisenhower Matrix: http://www.eisenhower.me/eisenhower-matrix/)
  • Break down my larger goals into smaller actionable items
  • Call out my BS (I tend to fool myself a lot, a good coach calls you out for it)
  • Uncover my blind spots in business

I’m still in the beginning stages of my business. On the outside I’m basically a freelancer.

However, hiring a coach to hold me accountable to actions that will grow my business, to share knowledge and resources unbeknownst to me, and to keep me from getting buried in the details has allowed me to say sane and enjoy the process.

I have a long way to go. I have a lot to learn.