I Spent 5 Consecutive Days Vlogging

Here’s what I learned

I love writing. I’ve written online for well over the past 7 years now and have always found it to be a fulfilling and challenging creative outlet.

But I’m going to be honest, I didn’t always dream of becoming a writer. Growing up as a math and science geek destined to become an engineer, I didn’t have a lot of outlets for creativity at my disposal.

There was, however, one medium that intrigued me: film.

In my later teen years, I saved up lawn mowing money to purchase a digital point-and-shoot video camera (it only shot in 4:3 ratio). My friends and I made silly videos and short films. Then college came around.

I was convinced that I was somehow going to make it in the film industry as someone with an industrial engineering degree. But then reality hit. I took an internship and started making real money.

Eventually, my creative output evolved into a less expensive and rigorous medium: writing.

Which brings me to today. Not much has changed other than the fact that more people read what I have to write (and hopefully I’ve gotten better at catching grammar errors).

Unless you take a look at this past weekend, when I focused 100% of my creative energy on producing 5 videos in 5 days. Here they are in order:

After 5 consecutive days of vlogging, I think my love of fimmaking is back.

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