I’m Keeping This A Secret (for now)

For the first time in a very long time, I have clarity.

It’s taken me awhile to realize something important: a personal brand and a business are two separate entities.

A personal brand is valuble. You can use it to leverage speaking opportunities, content creation, and promote businesses (even your own).

A business solves real-world problems, is commercially viable, and can survive outside of your personal brand.

If Gary Vaynerchuk left VaynerMedia, they probably could skill chug along quite nicely. They have the assets, processes, and industry insights to keep them going.

I’ve confused the two before. I thought that if I built up a personal brand through Medium, Twitter, and YouTube that ultimately my business would grow too.

Not true.

You can certainly grow a business and personal brand in parallel, but they need to have legs on their own to stand. Make sense?

Yes, I am continuing to grow my brand (J. D. Lyda called me “the man with short clips about his personal life.” I like that!). Yes I am building a business.

But I’m going to keep the business a secret for now.

I want it to learn how to walk on it’s own first.