It’s Okay If You Lost Your Masterplan (You probably didn’t need one anyway)

Having a plan is nice.

It makes vacationing a lot less stressful. It makes parenting a cinch (okay that’s not entirely true). It even makes cooking a lot less scary.

When you have a plan in front of you that says “If you do this, then you can expect this” then all the uncertainty and anxiety of figuring things out melts away.

Chances are at one time or another in your life you thought you had a masterplan. This masterplan ensured you would graduate on time, find the perfect spouse, land the perfect career, and retire at a reasonable age (or some variation).

Then Life hit (yes, with a capital “L”). It ripped your clever masterplan from your hands and threw it in the shredder.

And here you are at a crossroads in life, without a master plan, trying to decide which direction to take.

What we fail to realize is that by living our life, we aren’t meant to map out a path, but rather leave behind a trail.

Every decision we make or action we take is another footprint we leave that others can follow (or learn not to follow).

Instead of creating a perfect masterplan, focus on creating a useful masterledger. That is why I am a big proponent of documenting your journey. Share how you’ve lived, not how you want to live.

Leave behind something useful, because as we all know, plans are easily replaceable.