“It’s Too Confusing” Is A Terrible Excuse Not To Learn

I spent 30 minutes watching YouTube videos on Google Analytics and now I know how to do something I thought was impossible.

Besides curing cancer, it’s becoming more and more difficult to rely on the It’s too confusing excuse when it comes to solving a problem.

We live in a time where and abundant amount of information is readily available, categorized, and easy to consume for our benefit.

Imagine what your life would be like after a year if you spent 3 to 4 hours every Saturday learning a new skill (coding, cooking, photography, etc.).

Imagine watching 2 hours of YouTube tutorials and then another 1 hour practicing what you learned. Your life would be drastically changed by the amount of new value you can create with your skills.

It’s too easy to learn in today’s world. What’s holding you back?