Now that the New Year high is over, it’s time to get to work

Like you, I spent a few days over the holidays dreaming about 2018. This is finally going to be my year, I thought.

I carefully examined each area of my life — You know what, I bet I can run a half-marathon this year — I wrote out aspirational goals — This year I finally learn to speak French — I felt good about the person I was going to become — If I read 1 book a week, that’s 52 books in a year!

Then the new year rolled in.

I dropped my son off at day care, I booted up my MacBook, and I froze.

What do I do now?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the New Year high. We take time away from our work and do things we enjoy doing (catching up with friends, sleeping in, opening presents). A new year full of hope and potential is right around the corner!

But then we head back to reality. Life takes over. And soon we’re lost with no idea what direction to take.

As my friend and mentor says:

The key is to find the one or two things that will create the most momentum and are the most important to get done. What things, when you accomplish them, will create the most opportunity, open the most doors, and make it easiest for you to get a foothold on your goals?

Don’t let the New Year high sabotage your 2018. Just get to work and create momentum for yourself.