React on the unexpected

We received a letter today from our son’s daycare informing us the property on which the daycare resides is being sold.

It might remain operational under the new owners, it might move to a new location, it might even close. We don’t know. It’s out of our hands.

This daycare is a gem in the Pittsburgh community. It’s mainly run by retired Catholic nuns which makes tuition really, really cheap.

It’s not flashy. It’s simple. And there is plenty of room to play outside.

I’ll be sad if they move their operations.

But again, it’s out of my hands.

All we can do is react.

I can imagine the panic other parents are experiencing this morning.

Who’s going to watch Susie? What if the new location is too far? Or too expensive?

Life throws at us unexpected obstacles. Worrying, dwelling, or brooding won’t change the situation.

Look at your options. Look at your resources. Look at your strengths.

Make a plan.

Move forward.