Reacting is too easy

The human brain is an amazing tool.

We take for granted all the thousands of decisions our brain makes for us automatically every day.

Take for example our commute to work. Think about how many micro decisions We have to make to get ourself from home to the cubicle. And yet, we drive without any effort on our part.

Our brains are powerful processors. They allow us to react to situations accordingly when presented with certain bits of information (oh here comes a stop sign, I better slow down).

This is a good evolutionary skill to have, but not in every situation.

Sometimes we react without fully considering the information presented to us.

When someone makes a snide remark we often want to react by lashing out. Instead, we should choose to act. What’s behind the snide remark? Is that person under stress? What can we do to help?

Choosing to act is not easy, it requires more energy on our part. However, choosing to act allows us to deploy the best action towards a specific situation. A one-size-fits-all reaction isn’t always the best solution.

And sometimes, choosing to act means not reacting to a situation and simply moving on.