Start Taking Yourself Seriously (or else nobody will)

If you want to make a dent in the world, people need to believe you are the type of person to make a dent.

Dent-makers take themselves and their missions seriously. They don’t:

  • Downplay their strengths
  • Hold back from investing in themselves
  • Self-depricate themselves in front of others
  • Go after simple goals
  • Let other’s dictate their agenda

Dent-makers drown out the negative voices (external and internal) and get to work. Haters have no place in a dent-makers conscious.

If you want to be a dent-maker, you need to understand one thing right now:

You are good enough to start.

So many people are paralyzed by fear of not being good enough. Whether it’s baseball card trading, Excel macros, or coffee roasting, you are good enough to take yourself seriously and start making your dent.

There will always be room for improvement, but it starts with taking yourself seriously.

People are attracted to confidence. Go make your dent.

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