Storytelling is Life

Storytelling is everything.

Entrepreneurship is storytelling.

Art is storytelling.

Politics is storytelling.

Everything you do, in some small way, adds to the story you are telling.

For some, their story isn’t important. It’s something they might ‘update’ from time to time, like an old resume.

For others, their story is their everything. They carefully craft and audit what they tell the world, always fearful the world will discover their real story.

For most, we fall somewhere between these two extremes. We’re aware of our story, but we don’t obsess over it.

No matter where you fall, there are a few things you should always remember about storytelling:

  • You are the hero in your story. Heroes have flaws, heroes overcome obstacles.
  • Know your audience. Who’s following your story? What effect do you want to leave behind?
  • Set the scene. Your family, your career, your city. Where does your story unfold?

What you do with your story is up to you. Don’t be ashamed of sharing it. If you can learn to tell it in a compelling way, people will respond to it.