Surprisingly, Hard Work Isn’t What You Think it Is

What exactly is work?

And what does it mean to work hard?

Is it spending 12 hours a day on one project? Is it blasting 100 emails in 4 hours? Is it gauged by the number of headaches it creates?

After 3 months of self-employment and setting my own agenda, here’s how I define hard work:

Hard work is the act of doing the difficult yet necessary actions to bring your vision to life.

However, here are a few things that people (ie. myself) forget:

  • Difficult actions can be outsourced, especially when they are recurring and repeatable.
  • Necessary actions aren’t always necessary as you think.
  • Your vision is your’s to define.

With that in mind, I should re-define hard work a bit different then:

Hard work is the patience to spend time and energy only on unique, challenging, and 100% necessary actions, so that every action is a step towards your vision instead of fruitless busy work.

How do you define hard work?