Want to be happier? Don’t quit your job

Two and a half years ago, while researching for my book, I spoke with someone who had left their full time job to run their own business.

What was it like quitting your job to run your own business? I asked.

Like the logical next step. He replied.

At the time I had recently changed jobs and wasn’t happy with my decision. Quitting my job to do my own thing seemed sexy. Enticing. Fun.

While growing up watching The Office, I believed one’s happiness derived from quitting a drab office job.

It isn’t.

Obsessing over the day you get to finally storm out of the office for the last time won’t bring you lasting happiness. If it’s not the logical next step, it isn’t even worth pursing.

I’m happy that I left my job. But happiness can be found anywhere, even in a drab office job simply by asking yourself one question:

How can I be the best at what I do?

Whether you’re competing against your coworkers or just yourself, striving to become a little bit better everyday is a pursuit worth undertaking.

This mindset is also a prerequisite if you eventually want to leave your job.

Might as well start practicing.