What Do You Want?

I hate this question. Even if my wife asks me what I want for dinner, I always reply, “I don’t know, what do you want?”

Why is it that we are content allowing other’s to decide what we want for us? Is it because deciding for ourselves is hard? Have we been preconditioned to outsource our decision making?

Or are we afraid of making the wrong decision?

Or worse, maybe we don’t know how to decide for ourselves.

No matter the excuse, we fail to decide what we want in life because we don’t know ourselves.

  • We don’t know what brings us pure joy
  • We don’t know what we hate
  • We don’t know what we need to live a fulfilling and healthy life

Here’s an exercise for you:

Next time someone asks you what you want — whether it’s what show you want to watch on Netflix or what company you want to work for or what you want for dinner — make a firm decision and stand by it.

Don’t hesitate. Go with your gut. Try this for a week and see how you feel.