When Was The Last Time You Upgraded?

For the past month, my MacBook has pestered me to update and restart my computer.

But I have all these important tabs open, I’m juggling too much right now, I can’t start all over again!

Every time the annoying popup appears, I’d instantly click Remind me tomorrow.

At first this wasn’t a big issue. But after awhile, I noticed my computer acting funky and slow.

Ugh, you win MacBook…

It took well over 40 minutes of precious work time for my computer to run the gauntlet of updates. Everything needed to be updated, including the operating system (hello High Sierra!).

It was painful watching the loading bar slowly creep across the screen. 39 minutes… 27 minutes… 13 minutes…

But then, it was done. The iconic white apple flashed across my screen, a fresh and fast computer awaited my command.

In life, I feel like we put off running periodic updates.

It’s noticeable when my son is about to have an upgrade, he follows the same pattern.

Can’t sleep, irritable, doesn’t eat, flat out annoying. He does this for a few days and then, boom. He learns a new skill.

This weekend he was a pain and yesterday he strung H-E-N-R-Y together for the first time. And he’s back to sleeping through the night. It’s amazing.

For us folks well past our toddler years, sometimes these upgrades may take months, maybe years.

They’re painful. They suck. But we always come out better than before.

Stop hitting the Remind me tomorrow button. Upgrade today.