Why I Joined A Co-Working Space

I vowed back in June when I left my corporate job that I would never work in a cubicle again.

Although I still have yet to break that vow, there was one benefit to working in a cube-farm: the company of others.

Yup, I got lonely working on my own.

I managed to get out and work in coffee shops from time to time, but there were a few aspects missing from what I consider an ideal workspace.

1. The Vibe

Coffee shops are hit or miss. Depending on the time of day and location, a coffee shop could be buzzing with young and ambitious go-getters, or could be completely dead.

A co-working space offers a consistent steady vibe of let’s-get-shit-done.

2. The Investment

Co-working spaces cost a monthly membership. When you pay to be somewhere, you take that space seriously.

A co-working space is nothing but a subconscious reminder that I believe in the work I am doing. It’s an investment and I will treat the space as such.

3. The People

My co-working space is a hodgepodge of other like minded entrepreneurs looking to make their dent in the world.

Surrounding yourself with the right people matters.