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Sep 24, 2018 · 4 min read

Blog Monetization

In this blog post, you will get to learn the 4 awesome ways to monetize your blog.

You will learn

What blog monetization is?

What are the ways to monetize your blog?

Real-Life examples

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What is Blog Monetization?

To understand the 4 Awesome ways to Monetize your blog, let’s first understand what Blog Monetization means.

Blog Monetization means making money from your blog. There are ways to do that. Due to the explosion of social media & internet becoming cheaper people have got a good look at what blogging is capable of in monetary terms. More and more pathways are being created for bloggers to make money. You can make money even if your blog is driving just 1,000 visitors a month.

Sources of Blog Monetization


For a good reason, Advertisements ranks 1st on my list of the 4 most awesome ways to monetize your blog.

Advertisements are swarming internet like bees. Whichever website you go to, you would see ads. Targeted ones as well as remarketed ones. You can sign up for Advertisement networks & begin making money.

The most popular ad network that every blogger use is Google Adsense. Google Adsense uses it’s A.I to place advertisements on your website by identifying ads that synchronize with the text & the context of your blog post. You will make money through Adsense as a result of clicks. Higher the CPC of those ads, higher you earn.

Google Adsense Alternatives — NinjaOutreach


For a short-term blog monetization plan, advertisements are pretty good. As a matter of fact, there are bloggers that are seldom making money via advertisements only. You will make more money via ads only if you are getting optimum traffic & good CTR.

For a long-term plan, I would highly recommend creating a product/ service of your own. That’s a good source of passive income.

Your product can be as simple as an E-Book. Let’s say you have an educational blog about Marketing niche, so you can create an e-book about the marketing tactics that you implement & see success.

Over a course of the period, you will establish your authority amongst your dedicated readers & followers. Social Media would propel this cause. With authority in your niche, your followers would feel compelled to purchase your e-book. You can price that e-book as low as $4.

In parallel to other monetization sources, you will also make money via e-book sales.


You can easily render services like copywriting, content writing, keyword research & more. Of most digital marketing blogs that you will stumble upon, you will find a section called ‘services’. In that section, you will be able to find services like these.

Some of the premium services that you can offer are

  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • keyword research
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Search Engine Optimization

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For bloggers, this is one of the best monetization sources. Bloggers inadvertently create a community of people who are stoked about blogging & are finding ways to enter the game.

The game seems to be already rigged. Doesn’t it?

You can create a course for aspiring bloggers. Your blog already acts as a thriving community for blogging aspirants. I’m telling you that there is a way to monetize your knowledge.

You can create a tab titled ‘Courses’ & price it nominally at the beginning and as people begin taking it, they will leave testimonial which will allow you to raise the fees. You can share those testimonials & promote your courses in-between your blog posts.

Blogging Legends Harsh Agrawal & Pat Flynn along with many others are already doing this & a significant proportion of revenue that they are generating is coming through courses.


You are an expert in your industry. People who have been coming to your blog know this for the fact.

Your expertise puts you in a privileged position to consult people who are having trouble with their business & they will pay you for that.

Not just that. You can actually render your consultancy to people who want to enter into blogging but has no clue how to begin. The internet is exploding with information. You get to be the one who would enlighten them.

You can set up an exclusive one-on-one Skype Chat with your client to whom you are consulting as long as his problem resolves.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is in the air. Everybody is talking about this. It has made people abundantly rich.

The concept is quite simple actually. You have to promote third-party products on your website. The people who click on those affiliate links & actually makes the purchase rewards you with a commission.

You can set up a goal on your Google Analytics to measure the conversion rate, that way you can know what works & what doesn’t.

One of the most used affiliate programs by bloggers is Amazon Associate. You can literally search the product on Amazon & get its Affiliate link. Next step is to promote it on your website or social media & make money. This works perfectly well for review websites.

Example, 6 Books you must read to execute on your ideasEvery book purchases earns him a commission.

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In this Article, you have learned that monetizing blog goes beyond advertisements. Monetizing blog with just advertisements is like squandering the potential of your blog.

The 4 Awesome ways to monetize your blog that we discussed are






Affiliate Marketing.

Obviously, this list deserves more entries. Comment down the points you think deserves the place.

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Decode Digital Market

The goal of Decode Digital Market is to document the whole digital marketing journey. Digital Marketing is fragmented across the internet as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Web Analytics.

Kunjal Chawhan

Written by

Decode Digital Market

The goal of Decode Digital Market is to document the whole digital marketing journey. Digital Marketing is fragmented across the internet as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Web Analytics.

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