Why so much hype about the USB-C? Everything you need to know

The Acronym USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. It’s a dongle device used to connect computer/ Laptop/ Tablet to transfer abundant streams of data, power & connect external input devices.

External input devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Smartphones, Television, Gaming Consoles & more.

The traditional USB 1 Hubs that we used back in the nineties had a transfer speed of 12 MBPS which was huge according to that time period.

USB 2 had an enhanced speed of 60 MBPS that is 10X Times Faster than the USB 2

USB 3 is on a whole new level whereas. USB stands tall boasting a staggering speed of 5 GBPS that is 640 MBps

USB 3.1 Destroyed the records by delivering a whooping speed of 10 GBPS.


I mean that’s a game changer.

We all can relate how frustrating it gets when we are transferring data & it is ridiculously slow, especially when you’re in rush or some sort of technical crisis.

Now let’s jump right into the USB Type C Connector

Image Credits: imxpw.net

USB Type C connector is different than the Type A and Type B connector. Type C is a much better advancement over the two.

The Type-C Connector is symmetrical. What it means is that it can be inserted either way. This advancement itself is the primary reason why the world adores Type-C so much.

The frustrations associated with the Type A Connector was to remember the right way to put it. Most of the times it happens that we begin to insert only to find that we are gonna have to invert it.

Now the miraculous thing about the USB-C HUB is that the connector itself is Type C Connector which delivers supreme performance.

A hub is an integrated solution. What this means is that within a USB-C HUB there are many ports & a socket or two to insert Micro SD Card. Let me explain the structure of a USB-C HUB with a picture.

A picture does speak louder than words, doesn’t it? 😏

In the above picture, you can see a USB-C HUB by iMXPW.

The port of the Hub that connects the laptop is Type C. As you can identify from the symmetrical structure of it.

Then there are 3 USB 3.0 Ports & then there are 2 SD Card slots. The USB 3.0 Ports delivers a high-speed transfer of 5 GBPS.

When you use the USB-C HUB for your MacBook you don’t need to care about utilizing too many ports. Because you are using just one port & that’s type c port. More than that you can enjoy a seamless & simultaneous experience. It’s an easy plug-and-play. With just your laptop without moving it an inch, you can connect Smartphone, television, SD Card, Keyboard, Mouse, Television all at once & yet enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

Isn’t that great?

There are abundant reasons I can give to “Why so much hype about the USB-C”

Here are a few

  1. It is armed with astonishing futuristic features like high-speed transfer, Multiport adaptability & not to mention the Type-C addition.
  2. It is a superior technology to all the predecessor technology. Which basically puts the predecessors in a vulnerable position.
  3. The all-new MacBook Laptops carries just one port & that’s a Type-C Port which makes acquiring a USB-C HUB mandatory for you.

The adaptability & acceptability of USB-C Hubs is pacing up at an increasing rate. Products like MacBook & Premium smartphones like OnePlus6 has made provision for Type C in their products. This facilitates the concentration of USB-C HUBS.

The Product USB-C HUBS is still in it’s introduction stage as the technology itself is new, hence brands that are manufacturing USB-C HUBS are selling it at discounted prices or they are organizing the GIVEAWAYS.

These attempts are made merely to make customers used to it, as soon as they capture the market share, the prices will go up the roof.

P.S Apple is an industry leader, so every other tech company is goin to follow it’s footsteps.

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Originally published at techandcofee.blogspot.com on November 8, 2018.