This is how Digital Marketers are already capitalizing on Quora

Kunjal Chawhan
Jul 8, 2018 · 4 min read

A Brief Introduction of Quora

Quora is a question-answer community, where anyone can ask literally any question and anyone can weigh in to answer those questions, and the answers get upvotes, comments, and shares as a token of appreciation. Its like one of those times when your uploaded picture gets like on Facebook.

People in this community can follow each other to keep tabs on their work which they admire. By now it has been made clear to you guys that Quora is indeed a social media platform, I mean there is a community here that engages or interacts with each other in a way or two.

Every social media platform is being used by marketers in executing their Digital Marketing Strategy. I mean Gary Vaynerchuk bewildered the world when he used as a tool for marketing, he literally shattered the preconceived notions associated with that platform.

Likewise, Quora is a social media platform & can be used in multiple ways to execute various digital marketing strategies.

Quora acts as a great platform to build authority in the niche that you cater, your followers will long to read your answers, they ask questions publicly and request you to answer it, they will go out of the way to put your name in the question so that you answer it.

Let’s say you cater to Digital Marketing niche, you have a Digital Marketing course on upon which you wish to increase the sales. What you can do on Quora is that you can keep answering questions pertaining to Digital Marketing only on Quora. Soon your identity will become synonymous with Digital Marketing, people will DM you so that you can help them out with their queries. You can engage with people in the comment section.

After a while, you can begin to mention at the end of your answers, that you have a course on which has ‘X’ star rating, since by now you have built your authority, so now you will be in the position to influence their decision to take your course. Let’s say the question that you just answered with your course’s mention garnered 20 k views and 11k upvotes, how many of those do you think will convert? Quite a lot I would say, because that answer is directed to your ideal target audience. Not to mention the shares, DM’s, and Mentions you can assimilate with that.

Click-throughs are the traffic that you assimilate by sharing your links on websites. What you can do is, answer the question with hyperlinks pointing back o your website. Even better, you can camouflage those links with the text of your choice. For example in Digital Marketing text can be concealed a link to one of your blog posts about Digital Marketing.

Likewise, you will be able to fetch additional traffic, who again is your target audience. If you haven’t tricked them in the answer or link, then those click-through’s will improve your site bounce rate.

Maybe you have an opt-in form for Newsletter already triggered, the moment they opt-in your website, they are confronted by the opt-in form, which if they fill then they become your leads.

You can use Quora as an influencer search engine easily. It is quite simple as well. Just follow the steps.

  • Search the Topic (niche) Select the Topic that it will result. In that Topic you can find, most viewed writers, ranked chronologically
  • Select the writer of your wish
  • You will be directed to his profile, from where you can find out whether he is on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter.

P.S you can do some research on that most viewed writer, you can learn his writing style, you can learn about his choice and preferences.

Contact him there and then, and hire him to promote your product or service, if he is dominant on Facebook/Twitter./LinedIn/Instagram then that’s just great, if not; then you know he is already popular and dominant on Quora, maybe you can ask him to bring up your product or service in his answers.

Similarly, you can find influencer according to the topic in every category, using this feature prevents you from spending on costly influencer marketing tools like Upfluence & NinjaOutreach.

Use the power of this question-answering community to build brand recognition. In Quora, there’s a feature that works really well for brand recognition.

If you have a company with ‘xyz’ name and ‘x’ logo, then you can create a topic on Quora with your company’s name, and add your company’s logo to it along with the description of your company. Pretty cool, right??

Now every time, a question is asked regarding your company it will begin to add in your company’s topic that you created. As your brand’s recognition rises, people will start following your brand’s topic. Did I mention, that you can follow topics??

Yes, you can!

Now that people will follow your brand’s topic, so every time a question is asked regarding your company, they will be notified through their feed.

Using Quora you can do keyword research for your upcoming blog. I mean let’s face it. Quora is the internet’s one of the most talked about place, involving a lot of text, you certainly can pick up, trends, phrases, keywords, headline ideas, words that are hot right now, and some unique keywords.

Keyword Research is damn simple on Quora

Just put your ‘keyword’ in search and press enter. As a result, it will reflect all the data recorded on Quora containing your keyword. This includes Questions, Answers, Topics, & Links as well.

  1. You can build authority
  2. You can get click-through rates
  3. Use Quora as an influencer search engine
  4. Brand Recognition
  5. Keyword Research

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Decode Digital Market

The goal of Decode Digital Market is to document the whole digital marketing journey. Digital Marketing is fragmented across the internet as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Web Analytics.

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Decode Digital Market

The goal of Decode Digital Market is to document the whole digital marketing journey. Digital Marketing is fragmented across the internet as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Web Analytics.