How to become a Wikipedia Editor

Anyone who has stepped into college can appreciate the importance of Wikipedia when it comes to research. Well, it doesn’t end there, wait until you get a job. Wikipedia continues to be more useful by the day. An encyclopedia full of information about almost anything you can imagine.

But who writes this stuff?
 People of course! In the quest to share knowledge and make the world a better place, the most amazing volunteers give up their time to share their knowledge with the world. When people come together with a common cause, they can be a powerful machine. Out of all that effort, we have a super huge platform with a lot of info to show for it.

The good thing about Wikipedia is that you can participate. Yes, you! You can add to this masive encyclopedia and make it even more useful and fun for someone else. In the process, you get to improve your content development and writing skills and have loads of fun.

So how do you become a Wikipedia editor?
 First you have to create a wikipedia account which is pretty easy. Creating an account makes you credible.
 Once you have created an account, you have to learn the ropes. Don’t jump straight into creating your own articles and stuff.
 Start editing already existing articles and correcting existing mistakes.
 While doing this, Familiarize yourself with the Wikipedia policies and five pillars of Wikipedia.
 Doing the above helps you to make yourself at home and get used to being around Wikipedia. If you’re stuck somewhere, help is always provided once you ask for it.
 Try Wikipedia Adventure. This is an interactive game with several missions which gives you a skill set for each mission. You also get to learn the policies and rules turning you to a great citizen of Wikipedia.
 Stay active. Keep editing and making better content for users all around the world.
 Long live knowledge!

Originally published at Decode.

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