How to remove a gmail account from your phone

Recently, I gave out my phone to a couple of friends to access their email. The problem was that, after they had used my phone, I was still receiving all these emails in my phone. That shit is the most annoying kind you can ever find yourself in. Receiving a bunch of emails from that account you never use sucks as hell and can sometimes drive you to insanity.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore so I set out to find an answer. Turns out the remove a Gmail account from your phone button is super evasive. I tried a lot of stuff like cursing at my phone, inserting the ‘F’ word in between Jesus’ name, referring to cows as holy deities etc. Trust me, that sh$t doesn’t work.

The way of truth

Finally, I found a way to do it and it is insanely simple. Simply navigate to your email app, look for the settings option and select it. Once you go to settings, select the more button (for those who don’t know it, it on the top right corner and looks like three full stops arranged vertically). Select the manage accounts, the phone will notify you that you’re about to go to the settings where you can add and remove accounts. Once you’re in, select the account that you want to remove and click remove account.

you’re are now alien emails free! Buy some chicken nuggets and chill like the pro you are.

Originally published at Decode.