Making my home-made TV aerial

A few months back, I was thinking of building a desktop but I was broke. So I decided to start with the cheap stuff like the monitor. After giving it much thought, I decided a TV was much better and that is how I bought my first TV ever. It is a Sony R30C, 32" display, 1080p etc. It’s not the best but it’s decent for the work.

In all that time, I never watched Tv. Honestly, I hate watching Tv and would rather prefer movies or gaming but it’s soccer season and some free to air channels air live matches. I only needed some receiver to get signals to my TV, no decoder required.

When I went out to buy one, they asked for 1000KSh which is an equivalent of around $10. There’s no way I was going to pay $10 dollars for a freaking Tv aerial so my brother and I decided to build one.

It’s pretty simple to build one actually. You don’t even need to be a geek, a small portion of brains and some handiwork and voila! We got an old connector from my dad’s tool box, a 300 75 ohm resistor, a long cable (length will depend on your house) and some aluminium wire collected from the leftovers of the power company.

The first step was setting up the connector with the resistor and where to terminate in order to connect the cable. This is pretty straight forward and you can do it in any way that makes you smile :-)

Then we took the Aluminium and made a simple grid to look like a basic Tv antenna. The artwork is awful and it looks ugly :lol:

At first, we connected the grid to the cable that was connected to our connector started doing tests. We went to the Tv’s system information to check at which point we were getting the best signal strength and quality. (this part took a while)

Once convinced that we had the right position, we mounted the antenna and set the cable all the way up.

Now I can watch Tv in my house without having coughed u a dime.

Originally published at Decode.

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