Telkom Kenya needs to be faster in Customer Service

My predicament

A few day ago I wrote an article about Orange Kenya rebranding to Telkom Kenya and unveiling 4G Network. I was pretty psyched up, 4G means I can get better speeds and am already in love with their pricing structure so Booyah!. On Wednesday, I decided to pass by one of their shops in town to get my Sim card swapped with a 4G one. The numbers were huge and I realised that I wasn’t the only one who was psyched by Telkom’s new move. Unfortunately, I was informed that the systems were down and as a techie, I could understand that sometimes thing go downhill. I was asked to come back hours later and true to that I returned at around 5 in the evening to find the system wasn’t up yet so I went home.

Frankly, I couldn’t wait to get that new card, especially because I know I’mma get free Internet bundles. Yesterday I decide to pass by the shop again so that I could join the 4G cool squad. I spent around an hour and a half at the shop. The shop was packed with people (which is good because it’s supposed to help people deal with these things), the bad thing was the speed at which the Telkom guys were handling things. The queues were almost immoble, yet there was quite a good number of attendants around. I watched as two guys took almost an hour to sell a modem to a couple. I mean, an hour! (seriously, that’s too long!)

During the time that I spent sitting helplessly on the waiting bay, a large number of people just stood up and left because the Telkom guys were taking too long. I ended up leaving without being attended to because an hour and a half was all the time that I could spare.

Letter to Telkom

You guys need to act a bit first. You need to realise that even if we love you (which we do) you are still competing with other giants and the speed of delivery and customer service counts for a lot. I could have gone to another ISP’s shop and be served in less than half of that time I spent at your shop. I know that Telkom is sort of partly owned by the government, but that behaviour that government-owned agencies have of bad customer services is bad for your business. You’re a good company with an awesome product but I bet at some point it starts to suck if I have to come to your shop for a whole week just to get a sim card swap.

I know that the move and everything takes its toll, but please guys try and get your house in order. I will still pass by today and try and get my sim card swapped. This new move has been full of promise, just don’t start to disappoint before it evens begins. I still want to be #MovingWithYou


Your number one fan/client

Originally published at Decode.

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