The way of the Geek: Stay hungry

Before I start, I don’t regard myself as a super smart person. Infact if you ask some of my best buddies, I can guarantee that the word ‘moron’ will be uttered more than once. That being said, I know a lot of shit. Ask anyone who knows me and they can confirm this. My brain is like this Bibliotheque of all sorts of information. From super important stuff, simple science tweaks, literature, history and mythology, hell I even taught my self to read hieroglyphics (well, sort of). This is largely due to the fact that I read whatever that comes across my eyes.

This habit has made me into whatever I am now. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to know everything. Due to this behaviour, I ofcourse gained my esteemed label of weirdo and geek. I am proud to be a geek and may the lord forbid the day when I stop being one. Geeks are popular for knowing a lot of shit. Most of this stuff is pretty useless like my knowledge on the Marvel and DC universes which has me at an advantage when we’re discussing the possible applications of badassium or who can kick who’s ass. However, among all these useless info collected during our weird free time, we geeks have the largest collection of data in our heads.

Why is information important?

There is no one who amasses a lot of information like the geek and more importantly, there’s no one who does it with an almost divine passion. But why is information important? We are at what many call the Information age. Information is the new power. Man has always been ruled by economics, the tables were turned when economics became information economics. The geek has a lot of this product that is the new hot cake. There are certain distinct differences that this product has: It has no shelf life, it’s value doesn’t decrease when shared instead it increases.

Just take a look at the powerful and the powerless or those losing power. There is a clear difference, the powerful party knows something that the powerless doesn’t. The hardest thing about collecting information is that it takes a lot of time. For the geek, there is more than enough of that. Learning new stuff is our culture, we have dedicated our lives into the pursuit of knowledge no matter how useless it might seem.

Staying hungry

People ask me, ‘how comes you know a lot of shi?’ Because learning new shit is the only thing I do. Whenever I come across a new concept or thing, I dedicate all my time into diving deep and gaining a more clear understanding. I’ll probably never apply most of the stuff I know but it gives me some sort of fulfilment to add that info on my head.

The world is slowly being colonised by the geek, why? These are the guys who took time to learn the shit you didn’t give a f$$ck about and they found a way to commercialize that. It’s funny how huge a gap can be created by just the lack of a few bytes of information. I myself choose to remain in the way of the geek, I choose to always be hungry and to always be that annoying little shit that wants to know everything.

Originally published at Decode.

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