Top most fun android games

NB: This is just my opinion based on the games that I have had the chance to play. If you have a different opinion or other games to add to the list, feel free to comment. We’d all appreciate insights on more games.

Well, as many of my friends will tell you, I have been a smartphone peasant for a very long time. I am not sure whether my former phone qualifies as smart. I had been using an Alcatel One Touch T’pop 4010D for the past 4 years! I bought that phone when I was joining university and never thought of buying one till recently. The specs are shitty so games were a no go zone for me. Early this year, I just got mad and decided to buy my Sony Xperia Ultra XA. The specs are better and with some internet, I can now play some games.

I haven’t really gotten to test that many games but at least I have played a few. Here’s what I think about some of them:

Brain it on the Truck

This is one awesome game. Created on the Unity engine, brain it on the truck provides you with challenging physical situations where you have to apply your physics knowledge to get through. This is definitely the game for you if you are a problem-solving nerd.

There are other games like it e.g. Brain it on, Brain on etc.

Dawn of the Titans

This is one of the best free games I have played. You get your own settlement where you can farm, mine and build armies. You can upgrade all your resources as you go and raid other neighboring settlements. The game is online so you’re playing with/against real people. You can join alliances and request for backup when things go bad.

One of the good things about this game is that you control your armies battle strategies and this enables you to beat more advanced armies if you have the brains. You also get titans which are super effective in battle.

One of the cons is that the game gets super huge especially after a couple of updates. I had to uninstall it finally but i will definitely be playing it again.

Gangstar Vegas

Ever played GTA? Gangstar Vegas is your GTA equivalent on Android. Super graphics and wonderful controls response, this game is a must have. The storyline is good and the missions are fun. You’ll need a lot of space for this game but it will be definitely worth it.

Have fun creating some chaos.


I actually installed this game last Saturday and I have only played it for two days. Anyone who has played Injustice: Gods among us on PC has an idea of how this game is. Injustice is a battle game among the DC characters, it is sort of DC’s version of Mortal Kombat.

The graphics are good and the controls are super responsive too. I liked the creativity on some finishing moves. It is not the best game but the developers did well for a mobile game. Injustice2 is also an online game.

Flight pilot

To be honest, this game is not super great but somehow am sort of addicted. In this game, you have to fly a plane while doing some missions (mostly stuff delivery and saving people). The controls respond well and the game is fairly easy to play although it might take some time to learn how to land.

The game is an offline one so you don’t really need an Internet connection.

Word crush

Are you a grammar knight in the quest to prove your prowess? Then this is the game for you. Super simple, offline and with no complicated graphics, all you have to do is battle the words. Works like a puzzle where you have to trace the words in a cube.

The game starts off easy and then progresses to super hard in a while. If you’re a grammar fan, I guarantee you that you’ll skip some sleep over this.

Sim City

Do you like building and planning stuff? This is the game for you. I have played a lot of builder games on PC namely Sim City, Tropico, Anno etc. This was my first time trying Sim City on android and I actually liked it. Build your own city from scratch including amenities like schools, hospitals, factories etc. It is an online game so you can trade resources with other players and travel to their cities to see how they are doing.

All the games above are freely available on the Google Playstore.

Originally published at Decode.

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