You Said We Did!

How Decoded uses learner feedback to improve your apprenticeship.

Dec 2, 2020 · 3 min read

At Decoded, we are constantly working to improve our training courses and products and we regularly use your feedback to make those changes.

Your most recent feedback has shown us that we need to a better job of showing you how much we value your voice and input, and how we put it to use.

Our bi-monthly You Said We Did has been created to address this. Each newsletter will now have a devoted section to collecting this feedback, and we will share reports on a quarterly basis of how we’ve addressed it, with the intention of improving your apprenticeship experience.

At Decoded, we are all about transparency, excellence and integrity. That’s why we thought you would like to take a peek under the hood, and see how we use learner feedback.

We regularly analyse feedback we receive from you via post-workshop surveys to understand what we can do better to support your learning journey.

We regularly meet with your Mentor team and stream feedback in real-time for the whole company to see. Each Module has a specific channel where feedback to your mentor is shared and addressed by the module owner.

In addition we collect a range of data during the End of Module assessments, which we are looking to make mandatory, which help us improve our programmes:

We analyse the performance of each question to ensure it’s pitched at the right level
We check distributions of confidence of each module to prioritise improvements
We parse free-text feedback for areas to improve
We aim to strike a balance between intellectually challenging, relevant, enjoyable but not too difficult
We evaluate the final learner scores to ensure our assessment and learning interventions are suitable.

We believe that first hand feedback is invaluable. If you have a suggestion about how we can improve our course,

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