African Lion. Image credits

A common myth, albeit misconception about the African lion is that they attack other sick or wounded animals. This is not exactly the case. Lions are opportunistic hunters, and usually well calculated in their attacks. They will stalk out their prey, and make calculated moves at the closest animal in a herd. These animals could be larger, or even stronger in some cases, than the predator. In other words, the lion does not test its subjects for weaknesses, rather, after choosing a target, it goes in for the kill. Perhaps it is also a well known fact that African lions seldom roam alone in the wild. They usually live in packs of 3 to 30, known as prides. The prides are made up of lions, lionesses and cubs. A lion could also join several prides, and share the hunting game. The most fascinating thing I find about the abilities of the African lion is that about a quarter of the hunts are always successful.

This article is not about lions. Neither is it about prides. However, like the African lion, if we decode and follow the pathways of people who have crossed several boundaries and shattered ceilings, their stories will truly inspire us.

When I was much younger, I enjoyed reading articles about inspirational people. I used to dream about being like the people I admired. I loved dancing (I still do) and I used to practice all of Michael Jackson’s dance moves. He was my dance icon! Thankfully, those were the days before YouTube! I admired James…James Bond, agent 007, because I thought everything he did was real. I admired my father, who as an engineer, inspired me to believe that the only three important things in life (highly exaggerated) were Math, Science and Shakespeare. Today, I remain passionate about people and events that are changing our world. I am truly enchanted by the stories of people who, against all odds, have risen above the crowd, have crossed boundaries, boundaries that are often hurdles to success. I am inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs, who have crossed boundaries such as migration to a new country, and successfully built something that positively affected the lives of many. I am truly inspired by their stories. Like the African lion, they were determined. They chose their targets. Stalked. Ran for it. Out ran it. Pounced. And Launched.

Life is like a hunting game. Like the African lion, we choose our prides, and hunt for game. Our chances of success largely depends on the targets we choose in life, and how determined we are while executing our hunt. As we enter the new year, I’d encourage everyone to set your eyes on your target, stay focused, remain positive and go in for the kill.

Happy New Year 2016!